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Updated : 2015/09/26


Our Fields of Specialty are based on 4 main Project Pillars.

Delivery Service

To differ from the old fashioned method of service, we present a business similar to Pizza Delivery, making house calls with just one phone call from our customer.

Real Shop Management

Beginning with actual customary shop services, we have positive initiative with the goal to preserve and carry on traditional cleaning methods to the future.

Online Business

By way of the Internet, we offer an innovative Re Service with no borders of Businesses Industry or Category, or Geographic Areas.

Business Partner

We currently offer a package set of delivery service and Takumi-nuki (crafted stain removal) as a new service in a wide variety of areas.

Delivery Service

To households across the land, We delivery cleanliness.

Making house calls with just a phone call from the customer, we have invented the first highly convenient home delivery business system in this industry, and have been granted the patronage of a great number of customers.

In future business plans, our intent is to go beyond the Dry Cleaning industry, as a modern-day errand running delivery service with hopes of supplying customers with a New Life Style.

Delivery Service

RACCOON DELIVERY began in November 1993 in Keigo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, and it is the first ever Delivery Dry Cleaning in Japan.
To differ from precedents of “Errand Running” services, in which only periodical visited were paid, this is a service in which customers can phone in at their convenient time of day, making for a Dry Cleaning version of Delivery Pizza.

Currently based in Fukuoka City, we deliver to over 27,000 households within Yokosuka City in Kanagawa Prefecture, and Saitama City in Saitama Prefecture. So perhaps we have already attained a number of loyal customers nearby you.

Once we have received your call, our staff will make a house call within an hour. So until then, please sit back and relax.

Real Shop Management

With Face to Face Counseling, We Strive in Hopes of Meeting Customer Requirements.

Beginning with conventional services offered at our shops, we have positive initiative to preserve the great tradition of techniques for generations to come. In motionless industry of Dry Cleaning, we offer renewed services.
As our aspiration for the future, with reinforced expertise on clothing manufacture, we guarantee to bring about a new and sensational gust of wind in our industry.

Real Shop Management


Built in 2001, this is a shop separate from RACCOON DELIVERY service, mainly dealing in personal reception.

The concept: “Your Neighborhood Special Preference Dry Cleaning.”

Beginning with general dry cleaning, we also take care of stain removal (Takumi-nuki), shoe repair and shoe cleaning. We have also recently opened a joint shop with a Laundromat included.

Online Business

A Definite Service Designed to Fulfill Expanding Requirements and High Standards.

In a high-paced, ever-changing internet environment, we offer an innovative Re Service with no borders of Businesses Industry or Category, or Geographic Areas.
With the hopes of fulfilling the sensitive and high priority needs of our diverse customer range, we intend to pave the way to new roads of supplement.

Online Business

This is the official web site for RACCOON DELIVERY Dry Cleaning.

Using the Delivery Area Search function at the top, you can enter your address area code and confirm our delivery areas. There is also an Area Setting function, enabling you to view valuable deals in your area. Try the Area Search!

Realizing the removal of stains where average Dry Cleaning shops have failed.

The stain removal method “Takumi-nuki” is a cutting edge technique based upon scientific evidence defining the type and condition of the stain, then analyzing from all possible aspects of the textile properties to administer the appropriate care.

All items of clothing our customers entrust with us are carefully inspected by the eyes of professional specialists, detail by detail, making the removal of stains possible where average Dry Cleaning shops have failed, returning them in ideal condition.

By avoiding full cleaning for the removal of one stain, our techniques allow us to pinpoint cleaning to the immediate area only, making it possible to suppress the amount of strain on the clothing treasured by our customers.

The shoe shine and mending options were introduced to our menu in November 2005, when our company merged with the Shoe Shine and Mending Specialty Shop “Kutsumigaki Tai”, providing abundant services.

With the aid of our mending, polishing, full washing and size adjustments, you won’t need to give up on your favorite shoes turned down by the average shop! Our “Shuri-Finishers” (Mending Finishers) are here to work manually and carefully on one shoe at a time, restoring the condition of your treasured footwear!

Business Partner

Our duties have Smiles Waiting on the Other Side.

At TO TOMORROW, we are recruiting business partners capable of establishing alliance with services such as the Astonishing Takumi-nuki (a maintenance division) and RACCOON DELIVERY (a delivery division).

At RACCOON DELIVERY, our range of recruit is widely open to corporations and individual managers.

For further details concerning recruited positions, please feel free to contact us. We await your applications.

Business Partner