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Updated : 2015/09/26


When “Fashion” Meets the Age of “Maintenance”.

Moving on from “Dry Cleaning” to “Maintenance”.

Nowadays, with terms such as eco and MOTTAINAI(a shame to waste) overflowing in daily conversation, mass production and mass consumption are on the brink of total demise.

Is may also be stated as a fact, that with the overwhelming amount of material things, individual values have become more diverse, and there are more and more sensitive citizens with a "Preference" and "Attachment" to good quality.

When attempting to meet with the needs of these individuals with "Preference" and "Attachment", Dry Cleaning can no longer consist of simple "Cleaning".

That is where we step in with "preferable" and "attachable" fashion items such as clothing and shoes, along with excellent maintenance service, to assist the consumer in the long-term use of his/her favorite items.

This is what we consider our field to be.

Our idea of “Maintenance”

“Towards the end of the 20th century, due to the drastic change in materials and manufacturing of the clothing targeted for dry cleaning, it became impossible to comply with dry cleaning needs by the simple concept of ‘Cleaning.’ In other words, the term ‘dry cleaning’ is now only a single step within our duties.” These are the words spoken by Murray Simpson, Vice President of the International Committee of Textile Care, a committee organized for Dry Cleaning assembly in Europe.

Furthermore, some 50 years prior our generation, the main materials used in the manufacturing of clothing were natural fibers such as wool, silk, cotton and linen. Following this trend, after the 1960’s, chemical fibers such as polyester and rayon became the new trend. Currently, synthetic resins such as polyurethane and special processing methods have become the mainstream in fashion items, and have infiltrated into common attire.

In summary, the popularization of chemical fibers and synthetic manufacturing have brought upon the cleaning industry additional fashion items with necessary methods of cleaning that previously were not available, creating the necessity for knowledge and care surpassing simple cleaning.

With a broad vision of this diversification in textile, and with cooperation from fellow ambitious volunteers, we have launched the Japan Fashion Care Quality Research Society (FCQ). Day by day, we are acquiring fresh knowledge on state of the art materials and processing methods.

Having gained this diverse knowledge, with value and consideration to the designs and texture of these textiles, our intent is to establish a fashion maintenance industry that is capable of reviving the original condition of the article of clothing (Restoration and Conservation).

Dry Cleaning (Cleaning Technology)

General cleaning by machine being our preliminary specialty, in the case that machine washing could be determined damaging to the article, full washing by machine is avoided, and methods of immersing or transferring the stain are performed. In this way, our intent is to completely conserve the article of clothing.

Press (Shaping)

With efficient understanding of the thermoplastic traits of synthetic materials and the expansion of wool based items, this is a method to restore the design of clothing once deformed form frequent wearing. Also, contrary to this technique, we refrain from using our pressing method on any article possible of shrinking from steam heat, or any clothing containing material with the risk of thermo-fusion.

Special Stain Removal

In the case that simple cleaning does not suffice for stain removal, given close inspection and analysis as to the type and condition of the stain, properties of the material, dyeing, stitching, color tone, pressing method, we determine and apply the proper special techniques. What is more, our techniques allow us to pinpoint cleaning to the immediate area only, making it possible to lessen the amount of strain on the clothing treasured by our customers.

Inking (Stain Correction)

In the case of color fading due to direct light and perspiration, and whitening caused by friction, we apply a method of mixing various dye colors and the usage of primary colors to recolor the item. Our techniques range from local dyeing; within the immediate problem area, to total dyeing; which changes the color completely. It is a method to revive the tint of fashion items.

Reforming (Size Adjustment)

Have you ever experienced wanting to accessorize with long forgotten items, when you find moths have gotten there first… or your jacket gets caught and accidentally rips… or maybe they don't fit perfectly anymore…? In such cases as well, using our reformation techniques to make small changes unnoticeable, these items can be worn again.

Repair (Mending)

The zipper on your clothing or bag broke. Your stiletto heels clack too noisily. Your shoe soles have worn a bit. Such circumstances make these items unusable, but by repairing them, we are able to make your attachment to these treasured items grow. What is more, by applying preliminary adjustments at the time of purchase, it is now possible to make these items last even longer.

Our “Mission”

Through the extent use of Fashion Maintenance,With an aspiration toward Sustainability, we contribute to a Recycling Life.